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How much will I get for one downloader run??

On average, the publisher earns around 2 rubles for one run of the loader. This sum could increase or decrease, it's depends on various factors:

  1. conversions from runs to installation;
  2. prices per install, set by advertisers (exchange system);
  3. relevance of website subject and targeting used by advertiser.

Is it safe to parcipiate in your affiliate network??

That's a reasonable question, especially with rising number of fraud offers to monetize download traffic. The answer is simple — yes, it's safe. We use our own loader:

  1. Doesn't triggers most popular and respected antiviruses;
  2. Doesn't lead to the pessimization of the website;
  3. it doesn't force users to anything and doesn't mislead them.

Best confirmation of our words — stably high profits of our ongoing partners

How do the payments organized?

Weekly, from tuesday to wednesday

How do you monetize file traffic?

Monetization of file traffic happens through change from links of uploaded content to partner links, which lead to Coin32 download page. User, who run the loader initially offered to install products from vendors. After showing 2-3 ad slides visitor independently of choice guaranteed to get content in a way of downloaded to disk file or direct link to a html-page.

What traffic is OK?

All CIS countries are OK if publisher didn't violate the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to decline participation in an affiliate program, if summary percent of ru-, ua- and by-traffic is below 80%.

Manual link replacement

Coin32 offers to the publishers convenient tools to manual replacing links. It is enough to add website, bind a site and set a direct link for file, that you want to monetize in its settings. Affilate link will be generated right on a site creation page. Now you can use the link editor.

Automatic link replacement

If there's a need to change a large amount of links, then an automatic link replacement script may be useful. Detailed inscrustions you can find in Control panel.

Software moderation

Publisher is able to forbid demonstaions of advertiser offers from one or more categories. You can turn on filters while editing or adding a new site. Pay attention, the more categories banned for showing — the less you earn.

Advertise your product

If publisher is a right holder of some software product and want to make an ad campaign, then he needs to read the how to get started article and contact Us.

Vendor (Advertiser)

How much would it cost to install my software once?

Price of one software installation depends on size of its installer, subject of product and its CPM in the system. Effective cost is determined by test, which includes 10000-15000 installs. On average, the price of software install, placed on separate ad slide in Coin32 loder is around 2.5 rubles. Worth to notice, if there's two or more products of one category or there are products with similar targetings, then traffic shall be distributed in proportion to rates (exchange system).

What are opportunities of the network?

Coin32 is a powerful and reliable instrument to distribute desktop software and browser extensions. More details on opportunities of our network you can see here here.

How to start distribute software via your platform?

Questions, about getting started, examined in this article.

General issues

Do you have a referral program?

Coin32 includes 7% referral program. To take part, you need to invite interested in publishers and advertisers with referral link. You can get your refferal link in control panel, “Referrals” tab.

How much can I earn on my referrals?

Income depends on how effectively your referrals will work and how many of them will be there. For example, if you'll invite 20 publishers and all of them will earn from 15 to 20 thousand rubles per month(*), then your montly referral income will be from 30 to 40 thousand rubles.

(*) 15-20 thousand rubles per month — average income of our publishers

I have a suggestion

If you have a cooperation suggestion or you know how to make Coin32 better, please contact Us about it.

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