Coin32 network allows vendors (advertisers) to expand quickly the number of their product's users.

How does it work?

  1. Our publishers host a special script on their websites, which converts file download links.
  2. Visitors of partner sites download Coin32 loader, which downloads content and also advertises your software.
  3. If the user finds ad product interesting, he lefts the tick true and our loader installs software

Rambler's ad slide example

Main opportunities of Coin32 for vendors (advertisers)

Our team has participated in software distribution many times not only as publishers, but also as advertisers. Here, in Coin32 we did our best to take all of vendor requirements:

  • Software and browser extension installation for Opera, Firefox, Chrome (also distros based on these browsers) for PC Windows users.;
  • loader's ad slide branding (logotype, slogan, EULA);
  • targeting based on browser, geolocation and a website subject;
  • detailed install statistics;
  • properly worked out counter-fraud measures.

Our principles

Executive files and websites who distribute them are under intense scrutiny by antiviruses and search engines. That's why any some attempt to distribute software through "unfair" method leads to ban and sanctions. we value the reputation of our partners and offer a fair and reliable work scheme:

  • We thoroughly check websites and sort them by subjects;
  • We install software only on users agreement;
  • We don't distribute fraudulent or low-quality software.

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